Riccardo Sculli is one of the few starred chefs, Calabrian of long course, who wanted to choose, as a place of his work, his land and all the glimmers of light, sea and beauty that this region of Italy is capable of. And if you find yourself in Marina di Gioiosa Jonica, the charm of all the contours that Calabria knows how to express is also found in the flavors of the things you eat. Riccardo, with his brother Francesco Sculli, an expert sommelier that we find in the hall and in the cellar, remembers what his father was able to start and how, just to him, came to mind the name of the restaurant that would become, there in Marina di Gioiosa Jonica, the Sculli family business. A shrimp like the many that can be gathered in the clear sea of this land, red like all the good passions that the Calabrians know how to be proud of. We met the chef Riccardo Sculli, in the group of starred chefs of grandichef.com, when it was time to propose to him the adhesion to a unique format / project that we are building around Italy. An interview on the themes of his work to which he responded with the humility and firmness that he brings in character: concrete, polite, creative and tenacious. Of those who know how to roll up their sleeves even in moments of particular uncertainty when around the public asks for the best cuisine at prices that the crisis can allow to sustain.