Tropea Cipolla Party are proud to have Nino Rossi Michelin Star Chef on board who will be hosting a masterclass including an “IN CONVERSATION WITH ….. talking through “ NO WASTE “ with Francesco Mazzei.

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“My name is Nino Rossi. I am an Italian chef who loves to break the Rules to rebuild new ones through recipes and traditions of an undiscovered Calabria.

I aim only for perfection, but I enjoy messing up ingredients and breaking down raw materials in a new way.

My cuisine is research and the Qafiz is a journey guided towards these new experiences. "

Break the rules so as to create new ones and make people notice a totally new Calabria is the aim of Nino Rossi. Born in 1981, he’s one of the young makers of the contemporary southern restaurant scene. He pursues a sound cuisine at Qafiz in Santa Cristina d’Aspromonte: it seats only 16 people, a small creative den in Villa Rossi, an 18th century family estate open for events where he experiments and researches with complete freedom.

Nino’s career didn’t begin in catering school but with banqueting rules, attending the dining room at Villa Rossi. Meanwhile, he dreams about the kitchen and starts to study by himself from books. He takes the opportunity of an internship in Alta Badia at St. Hubertus next to Norbert Niederkofler, which he continues for three winters. He event visits Giancarlo Perbellini for a short internship in the kitchen. During these training years, he takes the reins of Villa Rossi, but he’s determined and wants to work as a chef. So, in 2013, he chooses Arthhaus Hotel in Davos as the place where he directs the kitchen while there’s a break in the events in Calabria. In 2016 he takes the decisive step and opens Qafiz in May. 

He wants to place himself halfway between Italian and French fine dining. He doesn’t like frills. He’s keener on rigour and perfection, but he likes to mix up the cards. He draws from pâtisserie rules to create savoury products and vice versa. He’s a lover of broth. He uses brine. A curious spirit, he looks at the east but without getting too far from his own area. His most representative dishes after all are Ravioli filled with broccoli, garlic and oil and Glazed eel with honey and n’duja. He masters daring steps well, creating very balanced dishes.